TEAtime: 24 Hours in Liverpool

Me at the Liverpool Cat Cafe

This post is about a short trip I took to Liverpool while I was in England last year. I left for Liverpool on Saturday, June 29th, and returned to London on Monday, July 1st. Since Saturday afternoon and Monday morning were travel days, I really only spent Sunday exploring Liverpool. Hence the title – 24 hours in Liverpool.  If you plan an actual day trip up to Liverpool from London, you’d likely end up having a similar amount of time to what I did on Sunday.

T: Traveling to Liverpool from London

West Midlands Train Ticket
West Midlands Train Ticket

It’s relatively straightforward to get from London to Liverpool (and beyond).  From Euston station, you can take a West Midlands train or Virgin train directly into downtown Liverpool. If you use Trainline, you can find both Virgin and West Midland train times and fares. Depending on when you plan to travel and when you buy your ticket you can find discounted tickets. For example, I paid £34 to get up to Liverpool because I bought the ticket at the train station. However, for my return trip, I was able to get a ticket for £12 because I got it the day before and I was willing to travel off-peak (again).

That said, I took the West Midlands trains, which are cheaper than Virgin trains, but they take about 4 hours to travel between London and Liverpool, while the Virgin trains only take about 2 hours. I recommend playing around with dates on Trainline so you can find the best deals possible.

The next time I’m in London, I hope to take a Virgin train up to Glasgow or Edinburgh. I’ll tell you about that trip and compare West Midlands and Virgin trains in future posts. 

Make sure you follow my blog and stay tuned to see what happens.

Virgin Train Routes
Virgin Train Routes

E: Eating at Turtle Bay Hanover Street

Turtle Bay is a Caribbean restaurant chain in the UK. Is this the best Caribbean food I’ve ever had in all my life? No. But if you want to try to best Caribbean food I’ve ever had, you’d need to go to the Caribbean, not the UK. That said, the food at Turtle Bay was delicious. It’s hands down the most memorable meal I had during my entire trip to Liverpool and London.



I really liked that the menu had Caribbean food from a bunch of different countries. If you don’t know, there are some overlapping dishes that many Caribbean countries share. However, there are also local dishes that are unique to specific places. For example, doubles – one of my favorite Caribbean foods/snacks – are unique to Trinidad. But every country has a dish that includes salt fish.

Me at the Turtle Bay restaurant in Liverpool
Me at the Turtle Bay restaurant in Liverpool, posed awkwardly because I was battling with some super harsh lighting.

At Turtle Bay, I enjoyed being able to sample such a wide variety of food all at once. AND! I got to have curry goat. I hadn’t had goat curry in forever!! If you’ve never had goat curry and you want to try it, this is an excellent place to start. Given how much pepper many Caribbean people (including my own family members) love to put in their food, the heat level for this curry goat was pleasant and mild. The goat wasn’t overdone, so the meat was a good texture, not tough and chewy as it can sometimes get if the goat is overcooked. Also, I liked how the pieces of meat were cut. There weren’t a lot of bones. And, the rice and peas made for a good pairing. If anything, I would say they could’ve used more salt but you can add that yourself if you need it.



If you have any recommendations for Caribbean restaurants in the UK, leave them in the comments below. As I mentioned above, I’ll be visiting again and I welcome food suggestions. Also in the comments, let me know if you say curry goat or goat curry.

A: Activities – Explore Downtown Liverpool

Screenshot of Downtown Liverpool on Google Maps

Because I only spent one day exploring Liverpool, there was no way to see all the city has to offer. If you have more time, I definitely encourage you to see more. While I was there I visited:

1) The Tate Art Museum

Shostakovitch 3rd Symphony Opus 20 1981
Shostakovitch 3rd Symphony Opus 20 1981, oil paint on canvas, by Aubrey Williams 1926-1990. Williams was born in Guyana and worked in the UK. He was known for his large, oil-on-canvas paintings.

2) The Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum

Liverpool Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum Signs

3) The Liverpool Cathedral



4) The Liverpool Cat Cafe



5) The massive shopping center – Liverpool One

6) And I hit the clubs cause Liverpool has a wild nightlife scene. 

This may not seem like a lot to do on paper, but when you factor in how much time I spent at each location, walking from location to location, and stopping to eat at Turtle Bay, it adds up quickly. Also, I don’t like to over-schedule my travel days with a ton of things to do and end up on a really rigid schedule. I prefer to have time to pace myself, to talk to locals, to get distracted/lost, to really enjoy being in a new place.

The biggest highlight (and time suck) on this list was the cat cafe. The kitties were soooooooooooooo adorable. I absolutely love cats! So yes, I was in heaven. Also, the tea was free, so cats and tea and Tea – gold. I spent an hour/ hour and a half playing with the fluffy babies. If you don’t like cats then you’ll probably want to skip the cafe. If you love cats, it’s really easy to lose track of time and spend a ton of money here.

Me at the Liverpool Cat Cafe
Me at the Liverpool Cat Cafe

That’s it for my post on Liverpool. I had a fun time. If you visit, I hope you have a fun time too. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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