Site Updates and Quarantine Activities


Hello everyone! Voyages of Tea has gotten an update. I wanted to make the site navigation easier, so I switched themes. Hopefully, this does the trick. But, I will likely keep tinkering with things over the next few months.

My other update is I will be posting about once a month until the end of quarantines and travel bans. I understand that this is a difficult time, and I want to be sensitive to that. I realize that travel may no longer be a priority for many people, so I want to hold off on posting things that may seem out of touch with reality. For the people that are sleeping with their passports and eagerly waiting to book their next trip, I’ll have a few new posts, and you can read some of my older ones.

Three Quarantine (at home) Travel Activities

1) Create a memory box/make a collage/work on your travel scrapbook. These are technically three different activities, but depending on what you have at home, one may be more feasible than the others. I do paint and draw, so I probably have more art supplies at home than most. But you don’t need a lot of supplies for any of these. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration and directions for how to make all of these options. I’ve also included a photo of a collage I made for my mom for additional inspiration.

Screenshot of memory boxes from Pinterest
My Collage 

2) Learn to cook a dish from a place you’ve visited or want to visit. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of Zoom cooking classes, and of course, there’s YouTube. Cooking classes are also being offered through IG Live and AirBnB. Some are paid, some are free, either way, there are plenty of options to bring home the taste of travel. If you’ve already taken cooking classes when you traveled, you can work on improving something you’ve already learned. I’ve been baking better pinetarts.

First attempt to make Guyanese pinetart
Quarantine attempt to make Guyanese pinetart

3) Make a travel vision board. This is the most flexible option on the list. It’s almost impossible to make a lousy vision board, so make whatever works best for you. Your vision board can be about places you want to travel to in general. It can be a few of your bucket list destinations. It can be someplace you’ve wanted to visit since you were young and still haven’t gotten a chance to go to but as soon as the quarantine is over and you can do some saving…. you’ll be there. Your vision board can have more text if you want it to. Or, more images if you want it to. Search for a bunch of examples and bring your own creation to life. I’ll either add to my larger vision board or create a new travel-specific board.

Travel-section of my vision board

Let me know what you’re doing to get through the quarantine in the comments. And stay safe and healthy until this pandemic is over.

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