A Simple Treat (For May 2020)

As a black woman living in the United States, 2020 has been particularly stressful and exhausting. Additionally, one of my mechanisms for coping with stress and finding joy in the world – traveling – is no longer something I can do. So instead, I’ve found new stress relief methods, while bringing travel home to me, via food.
If you’d like to bring home a little taste of the world, one of the easiest Guyanese treats to make is cream soda and milk. I’m not sure if this is exclusively a Guyanese thing, but I don’t know of any other countries that do it.
Cream Soda & Milk

Step 1: Get milk. Preferably canned or powdered milk, but other kinds of milk will work too. 

Step 2: Get CLEAR cream soda. Banks brand cream soda is the best and will give you the “most authentic” taste. But Banks isn’t available everywhere, especially in the U.S. The next best options are D&G or Chubby cream sodas.


Step 3: Mix the milk and cream soda together and enjoy your drink! Leave a like and a comment if you try this and you like it.

While I have your attention… For those of you who are in a position to give – many people across the U.S. and around the world need assistance to get through this pandemic. I’ve included links to a few causes/organizations below. Anything that you can give could literally be life-changing for someone else.










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