Free Travel Fund Printables (For August 2020)

Despite COVID, I continue to save for travel, wherever and whenever my next trip may be. I usually roll over leftover cash from one trip to another and add more money a month or two before traveling. Over the summer I started putting aside small bills ($5s and $10s) for when I eventually travel. To help me keep track of my cash savings, I made the templates below and thought I’d share. I know I want to go on a cruise and a road trip, so I created templates specifically for those travel experiences. And I have a general travel savings template. The templates are great on their own, or cut them up and put them on a vision board. Whichever option you choose, use these printables and other posts on my blog to plan your post-COVID trip(s) to Antigua, Aruba, Liverpool, Guyana, Mexico City, New Orleans, New York City, or Suriname.

Cruise Savings Printable
Roadtrip Savings Printable
General Travel Savings Printable

For the PDF version of the images/printables above, download the file below.

Make sure to tag me as you’re saving or after you’ve hit your goal. Or, tag me for both!


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