Happy New Year

Hello there.

Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Tea, and I love to travel. And in this new COVID world, life and traveling have been difficult. I had so many ideas for what I would do with my blog in 2020. That didn’t go well. then I said 2021 will be the year. Ultimately, nothing happened. I worried about the message I would be sending by traveling during a pandemic. And I was dealing with too many other things in my personal and professional life to find the time and energy for blogging. So nothing happened on VoyagesofTea.com for a long while.

Unfortunately, COVID is here to stay. Fortunately, I am vaccinated, and I wear my mask and try to travel as safely and responsibly as possible. In 2021 I did manage to travel to visit family and friends. And in 2022, I will continue trekking on. I absolutely plan to be mindful of the news and new developments in COVID variants and different countries’ travel restrictions. And I invite folks to follow me and my blog as I try to navigate this ever-changing landscape.

I’m not sure where I’m going next. And you’re probably not sure of your next trip either. Until then, and to start the new year off with some self-reflection, I’ve made the FREE travel journal printable below. I love to journal. I use journaling to reflect on my past, cultivate gratitude, and steer myself to a successful future. When I was journaling back in January 2020 about needing a restful vacation, it led me to Antigua. I don’t know where my January 2022 journaling will lead me, but I know it will be somewhere amazing. May your journaling lead you somewhere fantastic as well. Like, to the Grand Canyon where I took this incredible photo.

Wherever you go, safe travels.

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