TEAtime: Antigua (Part 1)

I took a solo trip to Antigua at the beginning of March 2020. As I browsed for activities and restaurants to try, I kept two travel goals in mind. I wanted to learn how to make more foods when I traveled, and I wanted to try more curry from around the world. The activity that I eventually found perfectly fulfilled those goals. Continue reading “TEAtime: Antigua (Part 1)”

Travel Basics 100: Types of Solo Travel

I’ve done a lot of traveling over the years. I would characterize much of it as solo travel despite all of my trips not fitting a traditional definition of solo travel. Solo travel is not just you going off somewhere wholly alone. I would argue that there are actually about 3 different types of “solo” travel. Each presents its own pros and cons, but all can provide a great travel experience.

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TEAtime: NOLA (Part 2)

This second part of my NOLA TEAtime is all about eating. Here are all the new foods and places we tried on our family vacation. Between parts 1 and 2, you should find a food option for even the pickiest of eaters.

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TEAtime: NOLA (Part 1)

I definitely consider myself a frugal traveler. I book affordable flights and accommodations and try to make sure the activities I do are worth the money I paid for them. But that doesn’t mean I’m cheap or penny-pinching with my trips, and sometimes, they can be more of a splurge. This was the case when I traveled with my mom, brother, and Rio (our family cat) for our first family vacation.

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March Madness

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are safe and healthy, at home maybe with a few loved ones as we wait out the COVID-19 pandemic. I was toying with an idea before the Coronavirus shutdown and have decided to go ahead with it now that many people are home, and bored. I have multiple parts to my blog posts on New Orleans and Antigua and, I wanted to avoid splitting the posts up over an extended period of time. So, next week will be my version of March Madness.

For the week of March 22-28, 2020 I will have a new blog post EVERY DAY at 5pm.

I hope that a little lighthearted reading will be a momentary distraction from the world falling apart. For anyone who has checked out of traveling for the moment, no worries. VoyagesofTea.com will be here when you’re ready to think about that again.

Wishing everyone as much safety, health, and stability as possible until this passes.


5 Things I Love about New York City

I’ve lived in New York City for about two decades. Since I’ve traveled around the world, I’ve seen many amazing cities. NYC is one of the most unique cities I’ve ever seen. There are many things I love about the city. Below I’ve listed five of them: Continue reading “5 Things I Love about New York City”

I Love Being Guyanese!

For anyone who doesn’t know, I am a Guyanese-American. I grew up eating all of the treats mentioned below and thought this bingo game would be a fun way to see what other people have tried. I’ve personally covered everything on the board. But I wonder about everyone else.

If you’re Guyanese, visiting the country, or just enjoy the cuisine, see how many ways you can get bingo. If you’re just curious about our food and culture, this bingo board is an excellent place to start. Some foods overlap with other Caribbean countries, namely Trinidad. But, there are also some unique things that only Guyana has to offer. Comment below about your favs. And make sure to tag me when you get bingo.

Also, today, February 23rd is Mashramani. For those who don’t know. It’s our annual festival, celebrating Guyana becoming a Republic in 1970. Happy Mash GT!

Guyanese Snack Bingo
Guyanese Snack Bingo

Does Anyone Actually Like Visiting Museums When They Travel?

I can’t think of a trip I’ve been on that didn’t include visiting a museum. Time and time again, I’ve paid for this cultural experience. As I started thinking forward to future 2020 travel, one of the things I had to back reflect on was whether or not I actually liked museums and why I keep visiting them when I travel.

I’ve had a variety of travel experiences. Over the years, I’ve either visited museums as part of a tour group or on my own. Since my earliest travels were study abroad trips, the museum tours were mandatory and factored into my final grade. But I graduated several years ago, yet still, I continue visiting museums. Is this out of habit or genuine interest? And should I keep them on the itinerary for future trips?Continue reading “Does Anyone Actually Like Visiting Museums When They Travel?”

Where to Find the Best Curry Dishes?

For February, I’m doing some introspection and reflecting on the things I love. Two of the areas I’m reflecting on are my love of food and travel. In honor of Valentine’s Day, this month I’ll have a few extra blog posts, thinking about past trips and dishes. But also, thinking forward to new foods and trips I would love to experience someday.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about for some time is trying different curry dishes when I travel.Continue reading “Where to Find the Best Curry Dishes?”

TEAtime: 24 Hours in Liverpool

This post is about a short trip I took to Liverpool while I was in England last year. I left for Liverpool on Saturday, June 29th, and returned to London on Monday, July 1st. Since Saturday afternoon and Monday morning were travel days, I really only spent Sunday exploring Liverpool. Hence the title – 24 hours in Liverpool.  If you plan an actual day trip up to Liverpool from London, you’d likely end up having a similar amount of time to what I did on Sunday.

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