Travel Basics 101: To Suriname and Back

After getting my visa to Suriname, I was ready to travel! In this post, I’ll share all about my trek in between two of the three Guianas. Continue reading “Travel Basics 101: To Suriname and Back”

Travel Basics 100: How to get a Surinamese Visa

Below are the instructions for American passport holders who want to get a single entry visa, or tourist card, at the Surinamese embassy in Georgetown, Guyana. You can also get a tourist card when you land at the Suriname Airport, Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport (also known as Paramaribo-Zanderij International Airport). I would recommend securing your visa BEFORE you get to Suriname.

For a list of which travelers do and do not need visas to enter Suriname, click here. The internet was kind enough to provide this information. However, there’s not much accurate and up-to-date information on how to actually get visas once you’re in Guyana. The purpose of this post is to correct that and help you get your visa to Suriname while you’re in Guyana. I’ll also provide photos and my story of my own experience.

Continue reading “Travel Basics 100: How to get a Surinamese Visa”

Travel Basics 101: Getting Through Flight Delays

For the most part, airplane travel is pretty straightforward. You buy your ticket, show up at the airport, get on the plane and arrive at your destination. Unfortunately, sometimes things aren’t straightforward and there are delays.

Delays can happen for a variety of reasons, many times it’s due to bad weather. How long will a delay last and when they will occur, are questions for the divine. I’ve personally had delays as short as 20 minutes, and a delay as long as 6 hours when I was trying to get from Shenzhen to Nanjing. What does one do when they are stranded in an airport? These are a few tips so you always have options in case you get stuck.Continue reading “Travel Basics 101: Getting Through Flight Delays”

Travel Basics 100: Before You Go

As a frequent traveler, sometimes I jump the gun in my conversations about my trips. When someone asks me how I got to a particular place, I usually begin by telling them about the book or article I read that inspired my trip. Rarely do I start at the very beginning – getting a passport. And, I regularly skimp on the boring bits about standing in long lines to get my visas. However, following a conversation at the office with one of my colleagues, it seems I’ve skipped over a few crucial details unfamiliar to someone who travels less frequently. Traveling around the world to other countries is a relatively straightforward process, making sure you’re starting off on the right foot is an important part of helping it stay that way.

The following information is about obtaining a U.S. passport and visa requirements for U.S. passport holders.Continue reading “Travel Basics 100: Before You Go”

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