Goodbye 2020 (For December 2020)

2020 was rough. The beginning of 2021 will also be rough. But things aren’t all bad, and I want to take a moment to reflect on a few positives. First, despite my lack of consistency and two outstanding posts for 2020, I did blog more this year than in 2019. Traveling and blogging more wereContinue reading “Goodbye 2020 (For December 2020)”

Free Travel Fund Printables (For August 2020)

Despite COVID, I continue to save for travel, wherever and whenever my next trip may be. I usually roll over leftover cash from one trip to another and add more money a month or two before traveling. Over the summer I started putting aside small bills ($5s and $10s) for when I eventually travel. ToContinue reading “Free Travel Fund Printables (For August 2020)”

Travel Basics 100: 3 Things to Know Before Visiting NYC (For July 2020)

With the pandemic still raging around the globe, and circumstances being especially bad in the United States, traveling to and from NYC is difficult. That said, the city is a popular destination that millions will flock back to once things get under control. To get you ready for that, here are three things to knowContinue reading “Travel Basics 100: 3 Things to Know Before Visiting NYC (For July 2020)”

A Simple Treat (For May 2020)

As a black woman living in the United States, 2020 has been particularly stressful and exhausting. Additionally, one of my mechanisms for coping with stress and finding joy in the world – traveling – is no longer something I can do. So instead, I’ve found new stress relief methods, while bringing travel home to me,Continue reading “A Simple Treat (For May 2020)”

Site Updates and Quarantine Activities

Updates Hello everyone! Voyages of Tea has gotten an update. I wanted to make the site navigation easier, so I switched themes. Hopefully, this does the trick. But, I will likely keep tinkering with things over the next few months. My other update is I will be posting about once a month until the endContinue reading “Site Updates and Quarantine Activities”