Travel Basics 100: Get Your Airport Right

Picking the wrong airport – this seemingly small detail – could have enormous implications for your trip. Whenever you’re flying, make sure you get your airports right. 

Travel Basics 100: 5 Things to do a Few Days Before Traveling

Imagine this: You booked a 4-day trip to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. You’re getting ready to leave the hard grind of your 40+ hour work week. You don’t know what you’re looking forward to the most, the sun or a massage. Your suitcase, packed with short sleeves, sunglasses, and sunblock, is excited to makeContinue reading “Travel Basics 100: 5 Things to do a Few Days Before Traveling”

Travel Basics 101: Getting Through Flight Delays

These tips are a collection of what has helped me pass my time during delays. If you have cellular data and service you’ll have several more options including, scrolling through Facebook aimlessly, calling your mom, or watching YouTube or Netflix. Whether you have service or not, this list provides a few options for passing time during flight delays.